Product Authenticity

Here in Formidabless, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our product line, we do so by practicing a very meticulous quality assurance system to ensure we achieve perfection in each authentic Formidabless product.

The only way to guarantee our product authenticity and therefore quality online, is to purchase directly from our official Formidabless website.Another way is to physically purchase from an official Formidabless Vendor through our wide variety of authorized retailers around the world.

PLEASE NOTE: Formidabless do not offer any online distribution authorization nor do we allow our physical vendors to partake in any online sales. Therefore we STRONGLY ADVICE AGAINST the purchase of any Formidabless products from any online vendors aside from the official Formidabless Website.Purchasing Unauthorized products online from website such as EBAY, AMAZON, POSHMARK, MERCARI or any other online presence PRESENTS A SERIOUS HEALTH RISK since the product might be used, or counterfeit.
We do NOT stand behind these purchases nor do we guarantee their safety, if you choose to use these product know you are doing so at YOUR OWN RISK .

To report unauthorized sales or confirm the authenticity of your product, please contact our customer support team at or at +18088610496.

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